Becoming an Emotional Ninja

This workshop helps your employees understand and manage their emotional life to improve well-being, relationships and effectiveness.

This year has presented us with many challenges, our normal structures and routines have disappeared, travel plans and events have been put on hold and health, financial and job worries are commonplace. 2020 has tested our resilience and  emotional intelligence to the limits. 

Even as our lives start to get back to a semblance of normality many organisations  disrupted business models and are extending working from home policies, possibly permanently.

We created these EQ workshops in a response to the stress and uncertainty of this year. We saw that people needed skills in EQ more than ever to help them to build resilience, manage negative emotions and be able to have more positive emotional experiences.

Why Emotions Matter?

When people hear ‘emotion’ they often think it is soft and fluffy and not related to business. Surely people succeed by keeping emotions out of the workplace? Right? Wrong. We can’t help but have emotions. They are always there and they always influence how we behave, whether we choose to recognise them or not. Emotions drive our motivation, empathy and energy and inform decision making. In this new workplace order it is more critical than ever that people are able to regulate their own emotions and be aware of and respond appropriately to the shifting emotions of those around them.

For leaders high EQ is not a nice to have, it is essential for gaining trust, driving performance, building engagement and strengthening relationships.

“Unexpressed emotions are not benign, they metastasise and come out in unpredictable ways.”
Brene Brown


  • Determine where we direct our attention, what we remember and what we learn
  • Affect how we make decisions and whether we are optimistic and risk taking or pessimistic and risk adverse
  • Impact how well we are able to build and maintain relationships with others and our success in social interactions
  • Cause physiological responses in the body and impact our overall health and well-being
  • Influence how creative we are and how well we are able to achieve efficiency and high performance

Basically, emotions matter for every important aspect of our life. Emotions are not ‘soft’ they are ‘hard’; in that they are difficult to master and impact every tangible outcome that we might use to measure our success in life.

Becoming an Emotional Ninja teaches essential EQ skills in an easy to access format that is appropriate for everyone. The training is split into two, 180 minute workshops. The first workshop focuses on better understanding yourself, your emotional life and how to better regulate your emotions. The second workshop focuses on your interactions with others, how you build trust, manage the emotions of others and have more positive social interactions.

Note - for full EQ development speak to us about our more comprehensive Emotional Intelligence development programmes that include emotion recognition and regulation, social awareness, relationship management, resilience and mindfulness.


Your Facilitators

Holly Fenton
Brenda Round
brenda connolly

Holly is a corporate trainer and coach and is certified by Gallup to deliver CliftonStrengths training and coaching. She works with organisations across the Middle East and North Africa to help employees increase their self-awareness and build the skills they need to be successful

.Holly established FH Insights in Dubai in 2012 and since then has delivered training to thousands of individuals and built up a loyal client base of repeat customers. Holly is passionate about strengths and helping organisations to become strengths based.

Brenda is a leadership trainer and coach and is focussed on helping organisations and individuals to deliver lasting transformation. She works on to achieve this through leadership interventions, coaching, cultural transformation programmes, personal and company values alignment and non-violent communication techniques.

She is passionate about the power of meditation and mindfulness to create lasting change. Brenda previously worked in biotec and pharmeceitical inducturies leading corporate well being programmes and crisis management responses.

Workshop One: Personal EQ

  • Understanding Your Emotional State
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Feeling your Feelings
  • Where Emotions Come From
  • 5 Core Regulation Strategies


Workshop Two: Social EQ

  • Understanding the Emotions of Others
  • Helping Others to Express Emotions
  • Triggers and managing conflict
  • Stories and Beliefs
  • Compassion and Empathy

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