Leading Through Crisis

Managing Yourself and Others Through Change and Uncertainty

"What leaders need during a crisis is not a predefined response plan but behaviours and mindsets that will prevent them from overreacting to yesterday’s developments and help them look ahead."

Mckinsey COVID-19 response report, March 2020

Leading through Crisis is for middle levels managers to provide them with support, inspiration and tools that they need to manage and lead others through this challenging time.

3 sessions each lasting 180 mins

(For our senior executive leading through crisis programme please see Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Leaders.)

We were not prepared for this!

The current global disruption and resulting business knock on effects has taken everyone by surprise. Managers have not experienced anything like this before and need to find new resources to manage themselves and their team.


Connecting Together

With staff dispersed and with irregular working schedules and routines managers need to think differently about how they are connecting with and motivating their team.

Employee are experiencing fear, uncertainty and in many cases sadness or depression. Managers need to tune into the changing needs of their staff and find the right balance of focussing on results and caring for needs.


Crisis to Opportunity

There is an opportunity in every crisis. Managers need to be able to be able to focus on the positives and identify and act on the opportunities that are available.

This is a time of change, an opportunity to pivot and remove what wasn’t working before and find new and better ways of doing things.

This series of workshops will help them to access their creativity and help move their team to greater success.


The Content

Module One: Adapting in a crisis 

In the first module we explore the current situation and how it is impacting the managers themselves. We help them to explore their emotions and how these emotions impact their interactions with their team members. We will also explore what the situation demands from them as managers and what behaviours they need to shift to better meet the needs of those around them. In all of this we help the group to find the silver linings to come from the crisis and focus on what they are positive about and grateful for.

Module Outcomes:

  • Recognise your instinctive responses under stress
  • Know how to lean into your company values to be a better leader
  • Adapt your management approach and be there for others

Module Two: Engaging Your Team

Module Two will bring the managers attention to their team and what they are needing at this time. We start by looking at communication and the essential elements of communication when everyone is working virtually and stress and anxiety are high. The attendees will explore what the needs of the team are and how the managers need to pay more attention to particularly vulnerable members of the team. Lastly in module two we focus on trust and help the managers to build psychological safety within their team. We use the Trust Formula to unlock the key to trust, which is the foundation of high performance.

Module Outcomes:

  • Bring empathy and transparency to your communications
  • Identify team needs and how to meet them
  • Create an environment of psychological safety

Module Three: Leveraging Success

In the final session we focus on how the managers can take advantage of the current situation to build stronger teams and capitalise on new opportunities. As plans go out of the window the managers need to help their team to find a new definition of success. They need to continue to engage and motivate people by defining new goals and finding new ways of celebrating and acknowledging successes. We will use some critical thinking techniques and do a live brainstorm to help the managers turn problems into solutions and use this as an opportunity to pivot themselves and their teams to greater success.

Module Outcomes:

  • Help your team to re-define what success looks like for the next quarter
  • Find new opportunities to be creative and innovative
  • Build a culture of pro-activeness and accountability

Your Facilitators

Cath Round
Cathalijne Bol- Oudijk
Brenda Round
brenda connolly

Cath supports leaders and teams to unlock human potential by developing an inclusive mindset and finding purpose in their work. Her expertise lies in purpose-driven leadership, multicultural teams, team & relationship dynamics, coaching cultures and facilitating transformational change.

Cath holds an executive master’s degree in Consulting & Coaching for Change from INSEAD Business School (EMCCC) and is a certified professional coach (CPCC). Her impressive career includes fifteen years with Unilever in various leadership roles. She also has extensive international experience, having lived and worked in several countries across the world.

Brenda is a leadership trainer and coach and is focussed on helping organisations and individuals to deliver lasting transformation. She works on to achieve this through leadership interventions, coaching, cultural transformation programmes, personal and company values alignment and non-violent communication techniques.

She is passionate about the power of meditation and mindfulness to create lasting change. Brenda previously worked in biotec and pharmeceitical inducturies leading corporate well being programmes and crisis management responses.

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Holly Fenton

Holly is a corporate trainer and coach and is certified by Gallup to deliver CliftonStrengths training and coaching. She works with organisations across the Middle East and North Africa to help employees increase their self-awareness and build the skills they need to be successful.

Holly established FH Insights in Dubai in 2012 and since then has delivered training to thousands of individuals and built up a loyal client base of repeat customers. Holly is passionate about strengths and helping organisations to become strengths based.

Tiina-Maija’s calling is to serve leadership teams and individuals alike through transformational work; facilitating shifts in root perspectives, thus enabling sustainable growth and development. She guides and inspires leaders to re-connect to their purpose, joy, and to help them courageously handle the ever-changing demands of their corporate and personal lives.

Tiina-Maija’s passion for wellness and wellbeing, and curiosity to understand what it is that ultimately drives us to be what we become, has resulted in her creating a second career for in personal and leadership development where she serves as coach and facilitator since 2007.

What to Expect

Leading Through Crisis is a journey of self-discovery, reflection and ideation for the middle managers of your organisation. The sessions will be led by four experienced facilitators with a strong background in leadership. Managers from your organisation will come together via Zoom for 180-minute calls. Breakout rooms will be used to allow group discussions so everyone on the call contributes. There will be a maximum of 30 attendees per call.


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