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2020 brings with it exciting changes in new courses, important refreshes to existing courses and new methods of training delivery. We are excited to continue to deliver great content, delivered in engaging ways for our clients.


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Barrett Values

Non-Violent Communication

Emotional Intelligence

Cultural Transformation

Women in Leadership


Exciting work in Saudi Arabia

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The Barrett Values tool has helped organisations like Coca-cola, Mastercard, PWC and Unilever to build and sustain high performing, values-driven cultures. The best companies not only know their values but live in line with those values every day. Making decisions becomes easier across the organisation once the values and how to execute them becomes clear for everyone. This results in an aligned, efficient and focused organisation. In 2020 we will be helping organisations to live and breathe their values from the bottom of their organisation.

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When Satya Nadella took over the helm of Microsoft in 2014, he had all the senior executives read a copy of the book ‘Non-violent Communication’ by the psychologist Marshall B. Rosenberg. The book and the lessons from it are credited with transforming the culture from a toxic, hostile and conflict-ridden environment to one where collaboration, compassion and empathy fuel strong working relationships. Like Nadella, we love NVC and the lessons it teaches. We will be running tailored NVC workshops for organisations in 2020 to help them harness the power of this powerful communication tool.

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Emotional Intelligence remains one of the most critical skills for leaders, especially those at the top of the organisation. Our EQ training was revamped at the end of 2019 with a shift in the content and delivery style. The new programme has received fantastic feedback from the initial clients who have tried it and we cannot wait to share it with more people. Here is what you can expect from the new programme –

  • Deeper personal insights and transformation
  • A more collaborate and open training environment that encourages more personal sharing and connection
  • Two trainers to enable a more coaching facilitation and more individual attention
  • New content to help attendees connect to core needs, explore values and shift limiting beliefs

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The more training we do the stronger we recognise that culture is everything. Culture is the life blood of your organisation and left unattended will grow in unintended directions with unforeseeable consequences. The leadership of your organisation make an important impact on your company’s culture, what they do matters. With our cultural transformation we work with your leaders to define and shape the type of culture they want to attain.

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For 2020 we are looking at how we can better serve our communities by offering specific programmes focussed on your needs. Advancing the cause of women in the workplace is a particular passion of ours and so it made sense to serve this group with a Women in Leadership programme. We felt the challenges facing women in workplace warranted some special attention. This programme will be launching at the end of Q1 2020 and will be available as a public programme and a more tailored in-house programme for female leaders.

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As an organisation we have advocated Strengths since 2016 and this year it is more important to us than ever. In 2020 we will be recommending Strengths as the go-to assessment for companies who want to help their employees develop in the right areas, build self-awareness and personal growth, drive connections between team members and enable managers and leaders to be more effective. We recommend Strengths because it is one of the most accurate assessments on the market and it works on an individual and company level. Throughout 2019 we saw increased demand for strengths and we expect that to continue in 2020.

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It’s hard to believe that up until late 2019 we had never been to Saudi Arabia. Things in KSA are changing quickly and the scale of the change is bringing amazing opportunities for its residents. We were captivated by the place, the people and the overall reception that we received in Saudi Arabia. We are currently working on several learning programmes and initiatives to support the region as they work towards their 2030 vision.

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Goldie Belkin

Talent Management Lead

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"FH Insights came highly recommended, additionally when I met with Holly (director) to discuss our requirements, she seemed to have a good knowledge of and experience with CliftonStrengths - I felt this would be invaluable to the success of our project."

Sandy Hatoum

Claims Manager

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"FH Insights have done an exceptional job at delivering the management training program which has taught us so much about ourselves and positively affected both our professional and personal development in an interesting way. - Sandy Hatoum, Claims Manager, Lockton"

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