Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Leaders

Leading during times of unprecedented change

"The vast majority of organizations will either emerge from this stronger or weaker because of what they didn’t do during this crisis. Building a cohesive leadership team is one of the biggest opportunities we have as leaders during this shutdown.
Patrick Lencioni

This series of online workshops will support leaders to develop the behaviours and mindset required to lead their business to success in this challenging time.

6 sessions - 90 mins x once a week

A New Normal

Change, uncertainty and unpredictability are the new modus-operandi.

Throw out the rule book because none of it applies any more.

As a leader these are testing times. Not only do you need to manage your own stress, anxiety and fear but you need to instil calm in others and help people to operate as close to normal as possible.

The old leadership models and behaviours will only get you so far. Any existing cracks in your team, leadership and organisation will be uncovered and heightened during these uncertain times.

Opportunity Can Prevail

This is a crisis, but in every crisis lies an opportunity.

Leaders who fail to act and chose to carry on as before will find themselves faced with widespread disengagement, disjointed teams, un-aligned actions and weakened results.

Those that choose to respond differently and find the opportunity within the crisis can come out of this situation as a stronger and more united organisation.


A New Mindset

To help senior leaders at this time we have developed a series of online workshops to build the new behaviours that are required to lead during this time.

The online workshops will bring together a small group (max six) of senior executives to share ideas, experiences and explore new concepts together.

The sessions will be facilitated by a team of experts in leadership, coaching and behaviour change.



The Content

Pillar One: Leading through Crisis
Developing a leadership mindset and specific skills on how to lead people through crisis

Module One: Being a Leader 

Being a leader will help you to explore and understand yourself as a leader during crisis. What is your role, what are your strengths and pitfalls as you adapt to the new environment. When the external world is rapidly changing you need to rely on your inner resources and challenge your existing paradigms in order to thrive in the new world order. You will explore your values and beliefs and how you are building a foundation of emotional and social capabilities to lead others during crisis.

Module Outcomes:

  • Focus on what you can control
  • Shift leadership style as required
  • Shape your leadership brand

Module Two: Leadership Resources  

Leadership Resources focuses on how you can manage stress and build resilience in yourself and others to successfully navigate a changing external world. When everything else is uncertain you need to draw on your inner resources. Stress is the enemy of clear, calm, compassionate leadership and if unaddressed will negatively impact your ability to make decisions and deliver strong leadership. This module will help you to understand stress better and learn techniques to gain clarity and focus and manage stress in the short and long term. Your team members and wider workforce face health, financial, security stressors and personal fears; being able to help them through it with strong leadership is essential.

Module Outcomes:

  • Help yourself and others to reduce stress
  • 5 pillars to build resilience
  • Improve communication during crisis

Pillar Two – Developing Resilient Teams
Develop a motivated, connected and focused team in the face of adversity

Module Three: Team Dynamics

Engagement right now is a challenge for everyone. Remote working, uncertainty over the future and drops or spikes in workload (depending on your industry) are taking their toll. Leaders need to take action to keep team members engaged to ensure business continuity. This module will explore the different emotional responses of your employees, what we know about engagement in a crisis and how you can support employees to stay motivated and focused at this challenging time.

Module Outcomes:

  • Build psychological safety within your team
  • Migrate from dysfunctional to functional
  • A set of ground rules for the team during crisis

Module Four: Cultural Impact

The cultural impact of the current climate is huge. Workers are dispersed, business plans are disrupted and business models are changing every day. It is critical that as a leader you can guide your organisation to remain true to the culture and values that have helped you to succeed but also to adapt your culture to succeed in the new paradigm that is emerging. Businesses need to reframe what success looks like, safeguard what works and use this as opportunity to re-work old and outdated models of working.

Module Outcomes:

  • Define your culture for success
  • Set team goals and aspirations
  • Live your values in the face of change

Pillar Three: From Survive to Thrive
Put learning into action and use design thinking and tools to creatively move forward

Module Five: Crisis Communications

In module five we bring everything that we have learned together and have an opportunity to practice leadership communication in an environment where we can get real-time, honest feedback. We focus on a critical crisis communication and help you to deliver a message that connects and engages your audience. This is a rare opportunity to dry-run your important messaging to an audience of other senior executives who can share their experience and help you to hone your message.

Module Outcomes:

  • Deliver clear and engaging crisis communications
  • Improve your personal leadership impact
  • Get inspired on what you should be saying and doing during this time

Module Six: Lasting Change

In the last module we will take you through creative frameworks that can transform the way you develop products, processes, services, and even strategy. We will introduce design thinking, a method that match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity.

Module outcomes:
  • Move forward with new tools that spark creativity and meaning, based on human insights
  • Clear steps how to define, articulate and activate
  • Get inspired by best in class examples of design thinking and purpose driven organisations

Your Facilitators

Cath Round
Cathalijne Bol- Oudijk
Brenda Round
brenda connolly
Tiina-Maija Bergman

Cath supports leaders and teams to unlock human potential by developing an inclusive mindset and finding purpose in their work. Her expertise lies in purpose-driven leadership, multicultural teams, team & relationship dynamics, coaching cultures and facilitating transformational change.

Cath holds an executive master’s degree in Consulting & Coaching for Change from INSEAD Business School (EMCCC) and is a certified professional coach (CPCC). Her impressive career includes fifteen years with Unilever in various leadership roles. She also has extensive international experience, having lived and worked in several countries across the world.

Brenda is a leadership trainer and coach and is focussed on helping organisations and individuals to deliver lasting transformation. She works on to achieve this through leadership interventions, coaching, cultural transformation programmes, personal and company values alignment and non-violent communication techniques.

She is passionate about the power of meditation and mindfulness to create lasting change. Brenda previously worked in biotec and pharmeceitical inducturies leading corporate well being programmes and crisis management responses.

Tiina-Maija’s calling is to serve leadership teams and individuals alike through transformational work; facilitating shifts in root perspectives, thus enabling sustainable growth and development. She guides and inspires leaders to re-connect to their purpose, joy, and to help them courageously handle the ever-changing demands of their corporate and personal lives.

Tiina-Maija’s passion for wellness and wellbeing, and curiosity to understand what it is that ultimately drives us to be what we become, has resulted in her creating a second career for in personal and leadership development where she serves as coach and facilitator since 2007.

The Schedule

08th Apr 2020
Being a Leader
6 pm GST
15th Apr 2020
Leadership Resources
6 pm GST
22nd Apr 2020
Team Dynamics
6 pm GST
29th Apr 2020
Cultural Impact
6 pm GST
06th May 2020
Crisis Communications
6 pm GST
13th May 2020
Lasting Change
6 pm GST

What to Expect

This leadership development programme is a journey of self-awareness, transformational change and leadership insights. You will be guided through the online workshops by experienced facilitators with a strong background in leadership. You will be on this journey with a small group (maximum 6) of other senior executives who are experiencing similar challenges, frustrations and opportunities to what you are. Groups are kept small to allow an intimate environment where everyone has an opportunity to express themselves fully.

The six leadership modules will guide your personal leadership development and you will have the opportunity to explore ideas, have you thinking and perspectives challenged and gain new tools and techniques. 

Who should attend? 

This programme is for senior leaders of an organisation. It is ideal for CEOs and other C-level executives. Please contact us if you would like to run an in-company version of this programme for your c-suite or an adapted version of the programme for people managers.


AED 8,000 per person. (plus VAT)

Book on the public programme for the change to network with senior executives from other companies. Alternatively, if you have a cohort of leaders from your organisation, contact us to book an in-house session for your company.

Once registered you will receive a call from one of the facilitators to discuss your goals for the programme.

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