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Bolster Strengths in your Organisation




CliftonStrengths Workshops

Enable your team to connect with each other and discover their natural talents from wherever they are based

Engage employees and remind them of their unique and special contribution to your organisation

Build a strengths-development culture in your organisation with the leading talent assessment tool used by over 23 million people worldwide

What is Clifton Strengths?

Clifton Strengths is a talent assessment tool that uncovers individuals natural, innate talents. Gallup research has shown that people who achieve excellence are those who are consistently and consciously using and applying their natural talents. They have also found that when employees are using their talents every day they are six times more likely to be engaged in their work.

Clifton Strengths consists of 34 talents themes which each describe common patterns of behaviour. Talent themes include Communication, Strategic Thinking, Individualization and Empathy.  Clifton Strengths doesn’t describe WHAT we do; it describes HOW we do it.

The Workshops

For virtual learning we offer two 180-minute workshops to help increase strengths understanding and application within your organisation.

The first Workshop – Discover Your Strengths – focusses on the attendees top 5 strengths and how they can apply them more productively in their role. We help them to see how their strengths make them uniquely talented and the best ways to use their strengths.

The second workshop – Strengths Based Teams – focuses on how strengths work within a team environment and how to successfully work with others to best utilize both of your strengths.

Discover your Strengths can be run as an independent workshop or you can choose to run both workshops with several weeks in-between.

Workshop One:

Discover Your Strengths

- Know your top 5 Strengths

- Applying your Strengths

- Strengths Combinations

- Strengths as Weaknesses

- Developing Strengths


Workshop Two:

Strengths Based Teams

- Four Domains of Team Strength

- Strengths Partnerships

- Team Grid

- Strengths and Conflict

- Strengths Team Actions


Benefits of Strengths :

Increase Employee Engagement
Better productivity and efficiency
Improved relationships and connections

Your facilitators for this workshop:


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Holly is a corporate trainer and coach and is certified by Gallup to deliver CliftonStrengths training and coaching. She works with organisations across the Middle East and North Africa to help employees increase their self-awareness and build the skills they need to be successful.

Holly established FH Insights in Dubai in 2012 and since then has delivered training to thousands of individuals and built up a loyal client base of repeat customers. Holly is passionate about strengths and helping organisations to become strengths based.



Kerry’s specialisations are in Coaching, Communication skills, Innovation, Behavioural skills and Intercultural Intelligence. She has a special interest in supporting the empowerment of individuals in realizing their strengths, skills and development needs and supporting them to reach their career goals, especially in national development programmes. 

Kerry has extensive coaching experience and is a ICF Accredited coach, having trained with North Point Coaching Academy in Dubai. In 2019 she gained her Clifton Strengths accreditation and is pursuing a passion to help people discover and develop their natural talents.


Virtual Workshop

To learn more about this workshop express your interest and we will get in touch.

Discover Your Strengths